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Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive and Combination Skin

How to Choose healthy, safe and Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive skin and Combination Skin - As women, we would like to use cosmetics as a supporter of beauty, because by wearing cosmetics, women can appear more confident especially to perform at certain events. for cosmetics, a woman will always look gorgeous and fresh.

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However, many types and a wide range of cosmetics in the market often make women confused, even many cosmetics that contain chemicals that are harmful one mercury and hydroquinone. Chemical cosmetics that is indeed much to give a satisfactory result, one of them whiter skin in a short time even until no acne attached the slightest. But you need to be vigilant if used continuously cosmetics can have a negative impact in the future.

To overcome the bad possibilities that it is very important for you women to know how to be able to sort out cosmetics that guaranteed security and quality.

1. Prioritize products labeled Halal

Most of the products of food and cosmetics are halal label on the packaging. The halal label must come from a number of LPPOM MUI halal certification (Halal Certification Agency in Indonesia). This can be proved that the product has been tested by the agency to determine the content contained in the product, terasuk cosmetics. so to get a safe and healthy cosmetic pliers make sure there is a halal label on the packaging.

2. There BPOM the Legal Code

Cosmetics are safe and healthy to have institutions that deal regarding its legality ie Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) MOH. If a product does not have the legal code is certainly not safe cosmetics because we are not legal, and make sure the code you use cosmetics that BPOM terdaptar on BPOM official website yes. check by entering a product code or product name. can check here
And the code is terdaptar includes

CD for cosmetic local production
CL for imported cosmetics
TR for products classified as traditional herbal
TL for a product that herbs imported

3. There is a way and Step Use

Choose cosmetics that have the means and the use of appropriate measures, it is intended that the consumers get the benefits from the use of cosmetics. even cosmetics are safe and healthy that bear bad effect when used cosmetics deemed not suitable to your skin.

4. Have an Expiration Date

beware if on cosmetic packaging is not listed expiration date, because no expiration date on your cosmetic products is very important. This is to ensure the effective life of the product yng certainly will affect the level of quality.

5. Listed Name and Address of Production

If a Skin Care Products for Sensitive and Combination Skin does not have the name and address of the manufacturer, then you have to question it. Cosmetic products that have your name and address clearly is certainly one of the main signs safe cosmetics. In addition, the existing production of safe cosmetics that include number of complaints that can be contacted to ask cosmetic products.

6. Consider Composition

The composition of the material contained in the cosmetics becomes very important to you. Notice if there are substances that are illegal or harmful to the skin. Among the note are:

Mercury / Hg. This includes heavy metals that are harmful to the body. On the skin can cause dark spots, allergies, and mild irritation, to severe. Mercury can not be decomposed body, penetrating the skin layers and and accumulate in the kidneys. In the short-term exposure can cause diarrhea, and damage to the lungs, while the long-term use can damage the kidneys and brain. Mercury can still be found in some illegal cosmetic products, which often do not even have a description in Indonesian.
Hydroquinone. These substances include hard drugs. Abroad have banned its use. But in Indonesia is still tolerable to the limit of tolerance of 2%. Exposure to hydroquinone may cause irritation of the skin to become red, burning. Furthermore, it can cause kidney damage, cancer of the blood and liver cancer.
Red dye K.10 (Rhodamine B) and K.3 dye substances; warnan synthetic substances are common in the textile industry and is a carcinogen.
Fat and any derivatives of animal origin that are forbidden.
Collagen derived from animals that are forbidden.
Elastin derived from animals that are forbidden.
Placenta extract derived from animals that are forbidden or from humans.
The amnion (fetal membrane) derived from animals that are forbidden.
Gelatin derived from animals that are forbidden.
Chivet or hormones from the glands from animals are haram or unclean.

So choose cosmetics that are natural, so that our skin safe and healthy of course.

Similarly, information on how to choose the Best Skin Care Products for Sensitive and Combination Skin, may be useful ... ^ _ ^

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